Special offering of modern banking services for employees of business partners of Hello bank!
Unique offer not available on the current market!
Assistance services for you on top of any (first) arranged product – free of charge for at least 1 year
You win a 500 CZK voucher for any of your workmates, friends etc. successfully recommended as a new Hello bank! client. The vouchers can be used at Alza.cz or Kaufland network.
Reward 500 CZK on the Current Account if you open a Current Account along with a Personal Loan. The only condition is to draw the loan to this account.
(promo valid by 30th April 2019)
Feel free to approach us using a short contact form via button

We will contact you by phone (English speaking Consultant) at a time you prefer.
Please note that contractual documentation is in Czech language only.
  • loan amount 20 000 – 1 000 000 CZK, for a car up to 1 300 000 CZK
  • repayment period 6 – 120 months
  • low interest rate 5,69% p.a.
  • no fees
  • option to refinance another loan or consolidate several another loans and save
  • simplified process, VIP client treatment
  • deposit interest rate 0,6 % p.a. for deposits up to 100 000 CZK
  • no conditions
  • no fees
  • 3 drawings from any ATM per month free of charge
  • contactless debit card and payment stickers free of charge
  • comfortable online account opening and management (mobile phone-friendly)
  • deposit interest rate 1,5% p.a. for deposits up to 300 000 CZK
  • no conditions
  • no fees
  • saving account can be opened independently from current account
  • money available for drawings anytime
  • comfortable online account opening and management (mobile phone-friendly)
  • contactless Mastercard with 3D Secure
  • serves as readily available financial reserve for any short-term purpose
  • revolving credit up to 150 000 CZK, flexible repayment
  • interest-free period up to 55 days
  • exclusive rate 19,08% p.a. thereafter
  • cashback 1% of all POS transactions (up to 500 CZK monthly)
  • monthly fee 50 CZK – charged only if the card is used
  • Assistance services free of charge (at least for 1 year) in addition to any of the preceding products
  • Each incident is covered (cost-free) up to 10 000 CZK
  • No limit on number of incidents (except for the IT Assistance)
  • CAR ASSISTANCE: assistance for vehicle immobility, transport to a car service facility up to 100 km, substitute car for up to 5 days
  • HOME ASSISTANCE: various craftsmanship services (electrician, locksmith, plumber, heating, gas, …), assistance in case of door blocking, breakdown or malfunction of household appliance aged up to 7 years
  • HEALTH ASSISTANCE: 24/7 on-the-phone medical doctor, above-standard hospital accommodation, parent hospital accommodation if child disease, transfer from hospital
  • IT ASSISTANCE: phone IT assistance services, assistance by remote desktop connection, data recovery (Claims: 1 phone IT Assistance per year up to 60 min., 1 remote desktop connection per year up to 60 min., 1 data recovery per year)
  • PERSONAL ASSISTANCE: search of information, booking of tickets, restaurant seats arrangement, flowers, gifts of documents delivery, translation of documentation, walking pets late at night, home visit of hair stylist, organize a birthday party or holiday plans
This information is intended for staff of the select partner of Hello bank! only. It is valid from February 2019 until revoked (up-to-date information is available at the HR department of the partner company). The product terms & conditions apply throughout the employment period with the partner company. This information does not establish legal claim to being provided any of the products stated.